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High Five Principles

Change is Constant
We change all the time and so does the world around us.  Growing up means changing.  Think of all the changes you have gone through since you started school and how you have learned to deal with these changes.

Learning is Ongoing
We can learn everywhere - in school, from television, computer games, books, and our friends and family.  Opportunities to learn are everywhere. 

Focus on the Journey
Traveling through life is like traveling down a road.  It's good to have a destination, but we must still take one step at a time. 

Follow your Heart
Your dreams can lead to an understanding of what you really want.  Dreams may be difficult to attain, but you should never be afraid of pursuing them.

Helping Hands
Life is like a team sport.  Your team members are your friends, family, teachers, and neighbors.  Any of them can be willing and helpful team mates when it comes to deciding what steps to take on life's path.

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