The Real Game Series
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Student Testimonials

"I had a blast playing the Play Real Game! If I had a chance to play this game again I would." (4th Grade Student)

" I liked coloring and the maps! When the company said they would move to our town on account of what we said, that was awesome!" (3rd Grade Student)

"It was fun to have a job and feel like an important person in my community. The part I didn't like was when we had to stop playing the game!" (4th Grade Student)

"It feels so real! Like I'm really a paramedic!" (4th Grade Student)

"It feels like we are really working in real life. I like my house and car, and my neighbors. I can't wait (until) we show (our) parents! (3rd Grade Students)

"If you ever play it you'll love it. I had so much fun playing this game!" (3rd Grade Student)

Parent Testimonials

"This game has shown each student the importance of teamwork and that all roles in a community are important and deserve respect. It shows students they are important as individuals as well." (3rd Grade Parent)

"I enjoyed discussing my daughter's role in the game. She asked me questions about my work, and we talked about community and life issues I never expected to be discussing with my 9 year old! I'm impressed that the school is doing this." (4th Grade Parent)

"I enjoyed taking part in The Play Real Game at my kids' school. I run my own company, so playing the role of a Kids' World, Inc. executive was natural. My kids were proud of me! It's great that schools are giving kids experiences like this." (4th Grade Parent)

Teacher Testimonials

"It was amazing to see that amount of enthusiasm in students who struggle with a normal school day!" (3rd Grade Teacher)

"The entire class, with no exceptions, enjoyed the experience. Special Ed kids and slower learners fit in well. The parents were very impressed with the whole process. Attendance for the program was 100%!" (3rd Grade Teacher)

"I liked the discussion going on between the students about different work and community roles and the skills the students had in their roles. It was rich language, with words that aren't usually used by third graders." (3rd Grade Teacher)

"I thoroughly enjoy facilitating this program. It's great for the kids and extremely teacher friendly." (4th Grade Teacher)


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