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Is The Real Game a game or a program?

The Real Game is a demanding and ambitious career development program, fully compliant with the Blueprint for Life/Work Designs (Canada) and the National Career Development Guidelines (United States) competencies and performance indicators for students at the Junior High/Middle School level. However, the program is experiential, involving creative role-playing and simulation activities. As a result, students have fun as they learn about adult life and work roles in the context of their own career and educational planning. So The Real Game is actually an educational program presented in the form on a game.

How much time does it take to play The Real Game?

It takes about 25 hours of class time to complete the "core" activities of the program. Optional activities are also included in the Facilitator's Guide, which complement the core activities and create opportunities to involve working people from the community, other teachers and parents or guardians, enabling the program to be extended for a term, a semester or even a year.

Do I need training to present the game to students?

Training is highly recommended. Both students and teachers will benefit more from the program if the teacher participates in a one-day training session. Incidentally, the 20,000 North American classrooms now using The Real Game, a team-teaching approach is most common. English, Math, Science, Home Economics, Shop, Geography, Social Studies, Physical Education, Business and other subjects teachers, and of course career counselors, can all facilitate key activities in the program.

How do I get the training I need?

Canada: Through the Canada Career Information Partnership, each Canadian province and territory has designated a Real Game Series Coordinator who coordinates training and awareness-raising activities and events for all programs in The Real Game Series. You can get in touch with your Coordinator through the Career Services unit of your Department of Education, or through the Career Cruising (1-800-965-8541  ext 118).

United States: The Real Game Series training is coordinated through the Career Cruising. Availability of training may be learned by contacting NLWC at 1-800-965-8541  ext 118

Can The Real Game be presented as a community project outside the classroom?

Yes, as long as the facilitators have experience in a classroom learning environment. For example, at summer camps weekend sessions with community groups, etc. If the facilitators are not teachers experienced with the program in schools, it is strongly recommended that they get The Real Game training.

Is it possible for parents to buy The Real Game so their children can play it at home?

This is not recommended. The Real Game is more efficient in a classroom or group setting where a "mini-society" can be created with at least 15-20 participants.

Are other versions of the game available?

Yes. This is one in a series of six developmentally-sequenced programs, all keyed to the competencies and performance indicators in Canada's Blueprint for Life/Work Designs and America's National Career Development Guidelines.

The complete series includes:

The Play Real Game - Grades 3-5
The Real Game Digtal- Grades 7-9
The Be Real Game Digital - Grades 10-16

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