The Real Game Series
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Game Objective

The Real Game program enables students to:

See how their schooling is directly linked to their future life/work roles.

Realize the importance of staying in school and furthering their knowledge in order to benefit from more choices and possibilities in the new work dynamic.

Realize there is a link between education and training, income and lifestyle aspects such as time available for family, community, leisure and holiday activities.

See the effects of their educational choices on their life/work options and their quality of life once they become adults.

Explore a range of work roles and career paths and recognize what aspects bring them the most satisfaction in the workplace.

Be aware of social, economic and technological trends that influence the new work world.

Be conscious of the importance of developing a positive attitude towards changes and understand the importance of recognizing and taking advantage of new opportunities these changes may offer.

Be better prepared to make decisions and judicious choices regarding courses selection, and all other aspects of their lives, which will enable them to take charge of their destiny and move towards futures that truly appeal to them.

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