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Futures Inc. of Durham is leading a large public-private partnership to develop and implement North Carolina editions of The Real Game in all N.C. middle schools and high schools in 2010. These editions will focus on the 80 most in-demand careers in North Carolina. Additional state-specific information will include employers, salary information, and housing prices. Partners include Communities in Schools of N.C., the NC Chamber of Commerce, the Department of Public Instruction, and the BRAC Regional Task Force. This partnership follows on the heels of Futures Inc.’s announcement of its donation of The Real Game to 65 middle schools in the 11-county Fort Bragg BRAC region. Implementation began this fall with partner Communities In Schools of N.C. working with North Carolina public schools to implement the digital career exploration and financial literacy tool.

Dec 8/09 Press Release

The Real Game and Special Needs Students

Spotlight on TransAccess, San Jose, CA

TransAccess in San Jose uses four Real Game Series programs, and has customized three of them for Special Education students in the 9-12th grades in the East Side Union High School District. One high school in this district has 5,000 students, with nearly 25% special needs or learning challenged students in one of four campuses. The Real Game programs are part of a Career Academy for these students. Read More.

Life/Work Imaginings

The eNewlsetter of the National Life/Work Center was launched in early 2009. To view all issues to date in the Imaginings Archives click here.


Online tutorials are now available for The Real Game 2.1 Digital Edition (The Real Game 2.1):

What is The Real Game? (17:01 mins)

See a short overview of the contents, activities, goals and outcomes of The Real Game

The New Career Paradigm (17:20 mins)

See how perceptions of the processes and outcomes of career development have changed and learn why we must prepare students for success in life, not just work or education.

Register and Activate (3:16 mins)

Learn how to register and activate a 14-day FREE Trial License or a two-year Site License

Manage Classes (9:30 mins)

Learn how to create classes, enter students, organize teams and assign job roles to students

Overview of Facilitator Zone (20:25 mins)

Learn how to access and use all program components, functions, lesson plans and resources for facilitators

Overview of Student Zone (19:20 mins)

View the activities and resources available for students to access from school or home that complement classroom or group learning activities.

Note: You will need Windows Media Player to view these tutorials. Free downloads for PCs and Macs are available at: Windows Media Player Download

PRICES - Effective November 14, 2012

Play Real Game (Grades 3/4; Ages 8-10)

  • Facilitator's Kit: $499.00

  • Student Kit: $3.00


Real Game 2.1 US Digital Edition (Grades 7/9; Ages 11-15)

1 year basic Site License (4 concurrent classes) : $499.00

  • Student Kit: $3.00 (Optional)

Real Game 2.1 California Digital Edition (Grades 7/9; Ages 11-15)

1 year basic Site License (4 concurrent classes) : $499.00


Be Real Game 2.1 Digital Edition (Grades 10/16; Ages 15-25)

1 year basic Site License (4 concurrent classes) : $499.00

  • Student Kit: $3.00 (Optional)


The Real Game 2.1 Digital Edition

The new Real Game 2.1 Digital Edition with always-popular student activities is now online and accessible from school or home!

Developed through an unprecedented partnership of more than 5000 Canadian and American teachers, counselors, students and parents, The
Real Game has been used in classrooms and community agencies in thousands of settings, with millions of young people, for over a decade.

The Real Game digital edition is a brand new game which features new environmental education, character education, community, and essential
workplace skills components, as well as many new role profiles directly from industry!

Facilitators can choose to deliver the program in the traditional hardcopy format, or using exciting new online presentation and interactive components students can access from school or home. Preparation is a breeze, and teachers not only save time, they also save energy and a lot of paper, while having more fun than ever!

This new generation of The Real Game is a “must see” for those wishing to help young people imagine and experience (through role-playing)
the future they wish to create. Students discover, for themselves, why success in school (academic, personal and social) is vital to achieving their
dreams. They become more engaged in school. They become more intentional and purposeful in constructing their future.


  • Now web-based

  • Accessible by teachers and students 24/7 from any computer

  • Online or traditional hardcopy delivery modes

  • New classroom management tools

  • StudentZone with many new interactive activities

  • 50% more role profiles (more trades and technology)

  • Role profiles, salaries, housing costs, etc. updated

  • Compatible with any online Career Information Delivery System


  • Links to Core Academic Subjects

  • Essential Workplace Skills

  • Career Management Competencies

  • Character Traits

  • Financial Literacy

  • Environmental Education

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