The Real Game Series
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The Real Game/CareerZone Partnership!

The Real Game Series product was designed by an educator to help students understand the connection between what they learn in school and their future success in the workplace. While training is just getting started in New York State, this same information has already been delivered with great success in many other states and countries. We believe that these two resources, The Real Game Series and CareerZone not only compliments one another, but pulls together a vast amount of information and can help your students make good career decisions while having fun!

CareerZone is a career exploratory internet system designed by the New York State Department of Labor. CareerZone provides additional information for teachers and counselors on the vast array of career, labor market information, and an interactive electronic career plan available here in New York State. We have provided links from the Real Game Series components for further information found through the New York State Department of Labor and the State Education Department.

CareerZone provides a reality check with up-to-date wages and future outlook. While a student plays The Real Game, he/she is given an occupation and is expected to make a budget that fits his/her lifestyle. CareerZone helps the student to identify their ideal occupation and range of salary. The student is able to comprehend the deductions and their net income after playing The Real Game. CareerZone brings them back to REALITY and into the middle of labor market information. Playtime is over!


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