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What Do Kids Say About The Real Game?

The following are questions are from an evaluation after students completed
The Real Game grades (7 & 8).

Q: What did you enjoy most about The Real Game?

Student 1: A: It gave me help and information for when I get older.

Student 2: A: Having more money then everyone else because I was the

Student 3: A: Making posters and getting to know people and their occupations.

Q: What did you like the least about The Real Game?

Student 1: A: Finding out that I work weekends.

Student 2: A: Finding out how much money that I didn't have left over for myself.

Student 3: A: That the game was to short.

Q: What would you change/add to The Real Game?

Student 1: A: Use real money.

Student 2: A: I would add more time to play this game.

Student 3: A: Make the game last longer.

Q: Talk about what you learned most about The Real Game?

Student 1: A: That it's not that easy dealing with money and how it's hard to be
out there in real life.

Student 2: A: That there are many things I didn't know.

Student 3: A: Life is hard.

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