The Real Game Series
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Training FAQ

1. Is the game available for delivery?

All Real Game programs are available for immediate delivery. Normal shipping takes 7-10 days by UPS ground. Due to increased security, shipping may take longer. Faster delivery is available at additional cost based on the weight of the order and the destination.

2. How do I receive training?

The Real Game Series requires the guiding hand of a skilled facilitator.  Facilitators act as coaches, interacting with students to ensure that they understand what they are doing and how to do it, and guiding discussion and reflection.  Therefore, it is highly recommended to attend a facilitators training session to use the game to its fullest capabilities. Facilitator training sessions are scheduled in areas of the country based on requests and availability of trainers. For more information, please contact your state CRN Director or'call NLWC toll-free at: 1-888-700-8940.

3. How can I get spare parts for The Real Game series?

Spare parts are available for order at this time, but there is discussion currently going on as to what to make available and at what cost. Some items may be available in small quantities by calling us at 1-888-700-8940.

4. Does The Real Game Series support academic and career development standards? 

All programs in The Real Game Series are competency-based and link to academic standards such as language arts, math, social studies, and science.  In fact, several states have actually taken the step to crosswalk The Real Game Series with their state academic standards.  In addition, all Real Game programs help students master competencies of Personal Social Development, Educational Achievement and Lifelong Learning, and Career Management as identified in the newly revised National Career Development Guidelines.  The Real Game Series also supports the National Standards for School Counseling Programs developed by the American School Counselor Association, as well as the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS).

5. Can we reproduce parts of the game so that more than one teacher can use the kit?

Items such as the Job Descriptions and other consumables described in the games are expected to be reproduced and are identified as Reproducible Masters. The Facilitator''s Guide, Student Folders, and similar items are not to be reproduced.  See the Site License that came with your Facilitator''s Kit,and also appears in the first pages of the Facilitator''s Guide, for more details on what can be locally reproduced.

6. Do you have to use the Student Folders and what is their purpose?

It is highly recommended to use the folders as they provide a place for students to store handouts. The folders contain items students use to track their progress throughout the game.

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