The Real Game Series
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Trainer Resources

Trainer Registry
If you are interested in conducting a training for facilitators, please consult our Trainer Registry for certified trainers in your area. You may also contact your state Career Resource Network.

Trainer's Kits
Trainer's Kits have been developed by Real Game Series experts from across the United States for all programs in the series.  These are very helpful for those preparing to conduct training locally for groups of teachers or facilitators who will be implementing any of these programs.

The Play Real Game Trainers Kit  Download
Make It Real Game Trainers Kit     Download
The Real Game Trainers Kit  Download
The Be Real Game Trainer's Kit    Download
The Get Real Game Trainer's Kit   Download
Real Time Real Life Trainer's Kit   Download


Speaker Supplements

Drawing on the resources of your local community is a hallmark of The Real Game programs. The Supplements can be used as is, or as guides to help you involve key community members in your Real Game Program. The Speaker Supplements are in Microsoft Word format or Adobe PDF format. Please click the links below to download.

Play Real Game: MS Word (96 Kb) | Adobe PDF (38 Kb)
Make It Real Game: MS Word (73 Kb) | Adobe PDF (38 Kb)
The Real Game: Adobe PDF (54 Kb)
Be Real Game: Adobe PDF (76 Kb)
Get Real Game: MS Word (106 Kb) | Adobe PDF (44 Kb)
Real Times, Real Life: MS Word (105 Kb) | Adobe PDF (45 Kb)



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